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" 'It's impossible,' said pride.
'It's risky,' said experience.
'It's pointless,' said reason.
'Give it a try,' whispered the heart. "




Geneviève (or Gen, as she’s most commonly referred to) is a Toronto-based dancer, actor, instructor, and choreographer. With a love for movement and for all things music-related, she began dancing at the age of 4 and taking piano lessons at age 5. She has since set out on a mission to reach as many people as possible.

Gen's goals are to inspire joy, passion, and creativity, to encourage critical thinking, and to emotionally connect with those around her. She can most often be found tap dancing, teaching, and choreographing around Ontario. Gen can also be seen in various stage productions, cabarets, and devised multi-disciplinary creations.

When not performing, teaching, or creating, Gen likes to spend time with those closest to her, playing video games and board games, reading fiction novels, doing yoga, and being a goofball. 


extended resumé


T.R.I. EXPLORES ELLA FITZGERALD || Soloist || The Great Hall || Toffan Rhythm Projects

TAP’S IN THE PORT 2018 || Featured Dancer || Clarke Hall || Tap Dance Centre/Kim Chalovich

TORONTO BURLESQUE FESTIVAL 2018: TURNT-LESQUE || Featured Dancer in “You Don’t Know Me” || High Society Cabaret/Kate Knox, Anna Jaeger

LET THE ELEPHANTS DANCE 2017 || Featured Dancer in “I Put A Spell On You” || Glenn Gould Studio || Michelle Crossman, Amy Lintunen

T.R.I. EXPLORES PRINCE || Featured Dancer || The Great Hall || Toffan Rhythm Projects/Allison Toffan

TORONTO INTERNATIONAL TAP DANCE FESTIVAL || Featured Dancer || Fleck Theatre || Toffan Rhythm Projects/Dianne Montgomery

MOVING SOUNDSCAPES || Featured Dancer || Lula Lounge || Dianne Montgomery, SymphRONica (Ron Davis)

THE PLAYBILL || City Dance Corps Faculty Performer in "Singin' In The Rain" || Al Green Theatre || Amy Lintunen/Raoul Wilke

T.R.I. EXPLORES DUKE ELLINGTON || Featured Dancer || The Great Hall || Allison Toffan/Robin Teeuwen, Rebecca Mastoras, Juliana Kelly

DD DANCE FEST 2015 || Soloist representing What’s On? Tap! || Hamazkayin Theatre || Dancing Damsels

CITY DANCE CORPS’ 13TH ANNIVERSARY SHOWCASE || CDC Faculty Performer in “Settle Down” || Al Green Theatre || Amy Lintunen

POETRY RESURRECTED || City Dance Corps Faculty Performer in “Little Things” || Al Green Theatre || Amy Lintunen

DANCE WEEKEND 2015 || City Dance Corps’ “Hollywood Mambo” (Featured Dancer & Co-Choreographer) || Fleck Theatre || Dance Ontario/Tina Nicolaidis, Jerome Jean-Gilles

DANCE WEEKEND 2015 || What’s On? Tap! (Company Member)|| Fleck Theatre || Dance Ontario/Kim Chalovich

DANCE XTRAVAGANZA (Fundraiser organised by Ballroom Health) || Featured Tap Soloist

T.R.I. EXPLORES JONI MITCHELL || Featured Dancer || The Great Hall || Allison Toffan/Andrew Prashad

OPENING CELEBRATION OF STRATFORD FESTIVAL'S 42nd STREET (2012) || Ensemble || Fairmont Royal York Hotel || Rebecca Mastoras

T.R.I. EXPLORES HALL & OATES || Ensemble || The Great Hall || Allison Toffan/Ryan Foley

EASTERN CANADIAN TAP CONFERENCE (2008 – 2011, 2013 – 2018) || Multiple Company Member/Faculty Member/Featured Performer || Living Arts Centre/Cawthra Park Secondary School/Tap Dance Centre || Kim Chalovich, Everett Smith, Ryan Foley, Mackenzie Greenwell, Amy Lintunen

WELCOME TO CLASS || Company Member || Living Arts Centre || Bringing Tap Back/Everett Smith

WHAT’S ON? TAP! (Dance Company) || Regular Company Member (2008 – Present) || Performances at least 3 times a year in various locations in GTA, as well as Montreal and Chicago || Kim Chalovich



PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL (Remount) || Lead Actor & Dancer (Isabelle) || Revival Bar || High Society Cabaret/Kate Knox, Anna Jaeger

LA DOLCE VITA || Featured Ensemble || Revival Bar || High Society Cabaret/Kate Knox, Anna Jaeger

THE LAUNDRY LIST || Lead Actor & Dancer (Zelda) || Revival Bar || Vintage Taps/Amy Lintunen, Trina Josdal

PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL || Lead Actor & Dancer (Isabelle)|| Revival Bar || High Society Cabaret/Kate Knox, Anna Jaeger

LUNACY CABARET: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER || Dancer & Singer with Vintage Taps || Centre of Gravity || Dave McKay/Amy Lintunen, Trina Josdal

THE WHITE LIGHT FOLLIES || Featured Ensemble || Revival Bar || High Society Cabaret/Kate Knox

LET THE ELEPHANTS DANCE 2016|| Performer & Co-Choreographer: “Me & My Shadow” || Dancemakers || Michelle Crossman/Amy Lintunen

VAUDEVILLE REVIEW (Bygone Theatre) || Dancer & Singer with Vintage Taps  || Alumnae Theatre|| Emily Dix/Amy Lintunen, Trina Josdal

MATCH GIRL (First Showcase of Findings) || Ensemble Creator and Performer of Devised Theatre Company Tool Kit Inc./Dance Captain || Fraser Studios/Heather Braaten, Robert Wilkinson

LET THE ELEPHANTS DANCE (The Premiere - 2016) || Spoken Word Performer: “If These Shoes Could Talk” || Dancemakers || Michelle Crossman/Amy Lintunen

HAIR || Ensemble & Featured Dancer || Randolph Theatre || Randolph Academy/Darcy Evans, Mark Camilleri, Linda Garneau

PROVENANCE || Featured Ensemble (Iris/Mr. Hiro )|| Annex Theatre || Randolph Academy/Rosanna Saracino



HE SAID SHE SAID || Principal || Serial Lunatic Productions/David Nguyen



TAP DANCE CENTRE || Faculty Member/Company Director/Choreographer: Tap

CITY DANCE CORPS || Faculty Member/Choreographer: Tap

SWANSEA SCHOOL OF DANCE || Faculty Member/Choreographer: Tap, Jazz, Creative Movement

METRO MOVEMENT || Guest Instructor: Tap

JOY OF DANCE CENTRE || Guest Instructor: Tap

CENTER STAGE SCHOOL OF THE ARTS || Guest Instructor & Choreographer: Tap


PERFORMANCE DANCE ACADEMY || Workshop Faculty Member: Tap

FRESH DANCE INTENSIVE || Workshop Faculty Member: Tap




ACTING MASTER CLASS || Tom Todoroff || Artscape Youngplace

TAP DANCE CENTRE SYLLABUS (est. 2017) || Founding Member & Educator

BROADWAY DANCE CENTER (New York) || Doug Shankman

STEPS ON BROADWAY (New York) || Barbara Duffy

LOCAL MASTER TAP CLASSES & INTENSIVES || Heather Cornell, Thanos Daskalopoulos, Michelle Dorrance, Travis Knights, Allison Toffan, Lisa La Touche, Sarah Reich, Sarah Savelli, Matt Shields, Sam Weber

CHICAGO HUMAN RHYTHM PROJECT (RHYTHM WORLD 2014) || Lane Alexander, Nico Rubio, Jumaane Taylor, Dianne Walker, Sam Weber

MONTREAL TAP FESTIVAL 2013 || Arthur Duncan, Travis Knights, Siobhan Richardson, Matt Shields


RANDOLPH ACADEMY FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (Class of 2012) || Triple Threat College Program

DANCE || Siona Jackson, Sandra Long, Stephanie Ramphos Galpern, George Randolph, Derek Sangster

ACTING || M. John Kennedy, Bruce Pitkin, Rosanna Saracino, Darlene Spencer

VOCAL || Jeffrey Huard, John Hughes, Lily Ling, Deborah Tennant, Mark Wilson

FILM TECHNIQUE || Steven McCarthy, Nigel Hamer

VOICE AND TEXT || Denise Norman

STAGE COMBAT || Casey Hudecki


BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF DANCING || Associate (Stage; jazz, tap, acro/Highly Commended)

ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE || Intermediate Ballet (Merit)

ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC || Grade 8 Practical (Piano/Honours)/Basic Theory Rudiments (First Class Honours with Distinction)



MUSIC || Studied up to Grade 10 level in piano (Royal Conservatory of Music) | Basic training/self-taught on flute, ukulele, guitar, and drums | Songwriting

LANGUAGES || Fluent in both English and French | Basic conversational Spanish

ACTIVITIES || Horseback riding (Western) | Bike riding | Ice skating | Roller blading/skating 

OTHER | Valid Ontario Driver’s License (Standard & Automatic) | Music editing | Photo editing | Video editing | Music notation software


Upcoming Events

EASTERN CANADIAN TAP CONFERENCE 2018 ||Gala Performance: TAP! || October 12, 2018 @ 7pm || Maja Prentice Theatre


PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL || September 5, 6, 12 & 14, 2018 @ 8pm || Revival Bar

T.R.I. EXPLORES ELLA FITZGERALD || August 5, 2018 @ 3pm || The Great Hall

TORONTO BURLESQUE FESTIVAL 2018: TURNT-LESQUE || July 29, 2018 @ 8pm || Revival Bar